Condition Flows

When it comes to online shopping, personalization is key to improving customer satisfaction and driving sales. However, it's important to note that while recommendation models can provide valuable insights into customer preferences, "business rules" are just as important in tailoring recommendations to different consumer segments.

Factors such as average order value (AOV), level of engagement, and age can be used as guidelines for creating business rules that govern personalized recommendations. For example, a website may choose to prioritize promoting products or bundles that align with a customer's past spending habits if they have a high AOV. Alternatively, if a customer is less engaged with the website, the focus may be on recommending products that align with their browsing history or related categories of interest to encourage them to discover new items.

Age is also a key factor to consider when creating business rules for personalized recommendations. As much as we can expect  models to emphasize on the appropriate content based on the user behavior, some business driven consideration must be absolute and this is exactly with this in mind that Crossing Minds created the User Condition flows scenarios.

How to Setup Your Own Condition Scenarion

API Documentation

For some more information about scenarios and the different way to build your own condition flow through the API, please read the following page:

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