The monitoring section would be located under settings and helps you understand the volume of API Calls made by your organization across all your databases.

Effectively monitoring and optimizing API calls is crucial to ensuring the best performance and efficient resource allocation for your ecommerce or B2C business. With the Beam platform by Crossing Minds, you can easily track the count of API calls made to various endpoints, allowing you to manage, optimize, and make informed decisions regarding your platform usage.

Detailed Overview of API Call Categories

Tasks and ML Training:Monitor

API calls related to the retraining of recommendation models. This helps you keep track of the frequency of model updates, assess resource consumption, and determine if adjustments are needed to maintain optimal performance.

Catalog Updates

Track API calls associated with item uploads, edits, and monitoring. This allows you to optimize catalog management, ensure up-to-date product information for recommendations, and identify any potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies.

User Updates

Keep tabs on API calls related to user uploads, edits, and monitoring. Effective user data management is essential for personalized recommendations and customer engagement. Monitoring these calls helps you identify any issues or discrepancies in user data handling.

Databases Creation & Monitoring

Evaluate API calls for database creation and monitoring, which helps you maintain efficient data storage and organization. By tracking these calls, you can identify any database performance issues or inefficiencies and address them promptly.

Rating Uploads, Edits & Monitoring

Monitor API calls related to rating uploads, edits, and monitoring to better understand user feedback and its impact on recommendations. Tracking these calls helps you ensure that your rating system is functioning optimally and providing valuable input for your recommendation engine.

Calls Count Series Retrieve

Track the call counts time series to analyze API usage trends and patterns over time. This information can help you identify potential bottlenecks, spikes in usage, or other anomalies that may require adjustments to maintain optimal performance.

Account Creations, Edits & Monitoring

Examine API calls associated with account creations, edits, and monitoring to manage user accounts effectively. Monitoring these calls allows you to detect any issues in account management or potential security risks.

User Interactions Upload & Download

Monitor API calls for uploading and downloading user interactions, which is essential for capturing real-time customer behavior on your website. By tracking these calls, you can ensure that your platform is effectively processing user interactions and using them to enhance recommendations.

File Storage

Keep track of API calls related to file storage, ensuring that you are efficiently managing your storage resources and costs. Monitoring these calls can help you detect potential storage issues or inefficiencies and make necessary adjustments.

Monitor and optimize API calls on Crossing Minds' Beam platform for efficient resource allocation and performance. Track endpoints for ML training, catalog updates, user interactions, and more to enhance personalization and customer engagement in ecommerce and B2C settings with our comprehensive guide

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