How does it Work?

Crossing Minds works with your team to integrate and merge all your data sources related to your consumers – including across touchpoints and/or customer’s websites – to deploy the best recommendation engine for your businesses.  

A core element of CM’s approach is capturing first-party data (i.e. clicks, scrolls, and general engagement) and pairing that with your product data to produce dynamic recommendations.

1. Our recommendation platform is as unique as your business.

No two customers are the same, so why should you use a one-size-fits-all approach to recommendation? Crossing Minds embraces the uniqueness of your business and of your users to deliver the most relevant recommendations.

  • Crossing Minds’ recommendation-as-a-service model is easy to integrate and requires no costly or time-consuming upkeep. We build the required integrations for you. (Learn more about databases and integration)
  • From the very beginning, our recommendation modules are customized to each business' catalog and type of user interaction. We pre-process every database differently to grasp the uniqueness of what the business sells and how its customers interact with its product. (Learn more about data pre-processing)
  • Our team works hand-in-hand with yours to create the most relevant and tailored recommendation pipeline for your customers. We build and fine-tune the models to impact the KPIs that matter the most to each business. (Learn more about improvements and evaluations)

2. We focus on what your customers want, not who they are.

Recommendations based on third-party data have long been the status quo in personalization. However, with this era coming to a close, it’s important to pivot now to keep up with the industry. With the Crossing Minds model, you’re not only eliminating the need for cookies, you’re also providing better recommendations to customers.

  • Crossing Minds leverages customer behavior – not demographic data – to provide faster, more accurate recommendations that reflect people, not stereotypes. (Learn more about interpreting interactions)
  • We can deliver a relevant recommendation after only three clicks, solving the problem of how to delight new or anonymous customers. We build session-based recommendations with live filtering. (Learn more about new information in real-time)
  • Crossing Minds respects your users’ privacy and keeps your business GDPR compliant.

3. Shortcuts have no place in our pipeline.

What has passed for recommendation up until now does a fair job of engaging customers who have previously visited your website or putting them into buckets based on demographic information. Crossing Minds has taken the foundation of previous accomplishments in AI and machine learning and evolved on those concepts with exhaustive human research and know-how, making for an unparalleled recommendation system that doesn’t cut corners.

  • Crossing Minds has assembled a team with deep knowledge and unique expertise when it comes to both ML science and engineering. In fact, the founding team has been at it for nearly a decade.
  • This team built the entire end-to-end recommendation pipeline around machine learning and artificial intelligence – they aren’t just buzzwords we use. (Learn more about our recommendation pipeline)
  • Crossing Minds’ platform starts working from the moment someone clicks on an item, leveraging smart data on both users and items to accurately represent how well they’ll resonate with one another, ensuring impactful recommendations every time — even in the absence of rich customer data (e.g., User DNA paired with Item DNA).
Tip: Make sure to connect with your Crossing Minds dedicated Machine Learning engineers if you want to know more about what we are bulding for you.

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