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For you to conect your Google Analytics tothe Crossing Minds platform, you will need to provide a read only access of the raw data of your Google Analytics, not of the GA dashboard itself which only presents reports and statistics. In order to do so, you need to export the data into GCP BigQuery.

Here are the steps you need to perform if you’re not already doing it. The export is free with GA4.

Step 1 Configure the BigQuery export for GA4

Please follow the Google's Step-by-Step Guide to Set up BigQuery Export.If you never created a GCP project before, there are extra steps documented in this setup guide.

Step 2 Find BigQuery Project ID

We need to know the project ID of the GCP project where the BigQuery table lives, so we can list and read existing tables. This is the GCP project that you used, or created, in Step 1. Please go to your GCP project list and refer to the screenshot below to where find the GCP project ID.

Step 3 Grant Permissions to Crossing Minds

Finally, you can grant our service account read-only access of the GCP BiqQuery table. This is done in the GCP IAM panel. Click on the “+GRANT ACCESS” button.

Under the “New principals” field, enter our service account And under the role, select BigQuery Data Viewer for a read-only access. Click Save.

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