Customer Interactions

Once your app is installed and the credentials have been entered, you can immediately turn on the live data sync to make sure the API ingests all your updates about your catalogs and customer interactions and is training them in real time the models.

To do so, open the Database tab and scroll down to the Live Interactions section.

From there on, simply toggle on the three sections called:

  • Items
  • Users
  • Order Created

Once this is done, congrats! Your store is now connected live with Beam API and your models can be trained and fine-tuned in real-time.

Custom Interactions

Custom interactions help you capture more about your customer's behaviors and patterns.

In this section, you may configure all the necessary synchronization to update your database live based on every interaction your customers perform. You can also create a tailored widget to track relevant interactions sent to Beam API to improve your recommendations.

First, make sure to enable theme settings for your store. To do so, go to your published theme and ensure you have enabled both configurations - “Custom Interactions” and “Slider links” - in-app embeds section.

From there on, toggle on the two sections called:

  • Purchase interactions
  • Product Page View

To create new interactions, click on the section: “Add Interactions.”

you will then see the first step of the process, which is defining the interaction type

once the type of interaction is selected, you will be asked on which page you would like to track those interactions. You can select All page or some specific pages. This is particularly helpful for “add to cart” interactions where the interactions selectors is not the same on different pages

once you’ve selected the pages, on to the interactions selectors.

Last but not least, name the custom interaction you’ve just created and communicate this to your support team to make sure the models take this new set of interactions in consideration to prepare you’re recommendations.

And here is your new custom interaction

You’ve successfully created a new custom interaction!

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